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Chandra Graha remedies
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Chandra Graha remedies

Description :-
Moon/Chandra is a planet which provides peace in our life whereas people whose mother face continuous problems have step-mother, don't have peace and have a problem in right eye are victims of the Chandra mahadasha or Unfavorable moon in their birth chart. The decrease in sperm count or continuous conflicts at home and especially between wife & mother are also symptoms of the unfavorable moon. People with Weak Chandra also remain confused and face problems in education And are impatient which can be solved by chandra graha upay.

Chandra Mantra Upchar provides remedies for chandra mahadasha which reduces the effects of moon planet.

Problems Caused byUnfavourable Moon/ Chandra mahadasha  :

  • Weak Moon causes physical pain may be due to cough and gastric ailments.
  • Laziness may increase and one may be a loss of wealth.
  • There may be quarrels and arguments with dear ones.
  • The mind may not be interested in good deeds.
  • There may be migration, service of lowly persons and harm to friends.


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