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Ruby or Manikya stone is linked to the Sun.It enhances the power of the Sun in a native's life. The Sun is the source of energy. The Sun is considered the King of the 'planets'. It also boosts and improves relations like father-child. It improves blood circulation, eye sight etc. It brings about self actualization, to know oneself; it enables introspection etc.

Astrology consultation is important before wearing the stone. Each person has his-her unique birth chart, planets' positioning and placement.


• Ruby Stone Ring belongs to the Planet Sun which is bright and dark red or pink in color. This ring is worn to avoid the problem of the eyes.
• This ring makes you fall in love.
• Having a gemstone gives qualities of leadership in a person.
• People who work in the government sector is benefited from wearing a Ruby. This gem is worn to attain profits in the business.
• Wear this gem to eradicate health issues.
• It is beneficial to wear a Ruby when there is any problem related to Son or brothers.
• This gem is helpful in avoiding malign and smear of the image.


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