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Surya graha remedies
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Surya graha remedies

Description :-
All planets revolve around the sun. This is the energy which affects our relation with father, prestige, confidence, body aches, heart problems, and dignity. People facing these problems are said to be victims of the Surya mahadasha in their birth chart. The worst effect of surya dasha can be seen as affecting the relationship of a son and father. These people are not confident and are not able to take decisions in their life and these all problems can be solved by surya grah dosh nivaran remedies.

Problems Caused byUnfavourable Surya/ Surya dasha effects :

  • Unhappiness caused by the pain of venereal diseases, fever and mental anxiety.
  • Father and paternal relatives may suffer from fear due to death, conflicts and disputes.
  • Health may cause irritation and one may face headaches.
  • Increase in anger and gastric problems may cause pain.
  • One may be distanced from one's parents and friends.


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