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 Shukra graha remedies
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Shukra graha remedies

Description :-
Shukra (Venus) is the second planet from the Sun. Shukra plays an important role in Indian Astrology. Shukra is associated with all luxuries in our life. People with Shukra mahadasha / Venus mahadasha in their birth chart remains away from the luxuries they wish to have. These people also face many problems in their marital life. People with Unfavourable venus remain lazy and get allergic to scent. Wife of these people remains unhealthy and leave work in between due to irritation. These all problems can be solved by shukra grah remedies and shukra graha shanti puja.

Effects of shukra dasha/Unfavourable Shukra :

  • During the Mahadasha Venus, there may be domestic quarrels and cough problem.
  • There may be a loss of wealth, defame and constant unhappiness.
  • There may be conflicts with women, migration, and suspension due to lack of work.
  • These people can find multiple excuses to avoid work and if forced, will blame it on others.
  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs will defame them.


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