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Rahu dosha remedies
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Rahu dosha remedies

Description :-
Rahu gives intelligence and energy to solve everything in a short period of time. Whereas people with rahu dosha/rahu mahadasha in birth chart bears many difficulties in their life. These people struggle to have good relation with in-laws. These people also bear losses in gambling and have bad dreams. These people also don't get success in business related to coal and carbon. Negative thinking, raising hand on parents and getting penalized regularly are another symptoms of weak Rahu. Rahu mantra upchar provides remedies to reduce the effects of rahu mahadasha and makes Rahu positive

Effects of rahu mahadasha / rahu dosha :

  • Suddenly, your peaceful and happy life is disrupted.
  • Family members are constantly fighting and having problems.
  • Person becomes rude and mean, and start committing offences in your personal and professional life.
  • Suffering from abortions, miscarriages or your child is sick and unhealthy.
  • Unexpected financial loss, loss of property, theft, loss of income and other natural disasters.
  • Home is suddenly breaking down and in need of big repairs and maintenance.


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