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Panna or the green emerald is linked with the planet Mercury. Wearing the green emerald or Panna is good for numerous aspects like intellect, mind sharpness, for education, work, business etc; it enhances the mental capacity; it enables well-being. It cures certain health problems. Natives leverage the stone in professions related to creativity, innovation, media-communication, speech etc. Astrology consultation is important before wearing the stone. Each person has his-her unique birth chart, planets' placement and positioning.

  • Children's weak in studies should wear an Emerald Gemstone because it helps in increasing concentration.
  • Teachers and professors of commerce and mathematics should wear this gemstone to attain benefits.
  • If someone is ailing due to chronic disease in your house, then this gem will eradicate all health problems. This gemstone bestows you with sound health.
  • It is said that the house with emerald is blessed with prosperity and riches. It is helpful in making eyesight sharper.
  • In the precious stone trading, this gemstone is said to be best amongst others for attaining wealth.


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