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JARKAN (Zircon)
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JARKAN (Zircon)

Zircon or Jarkan is also known popularly as the diamond. It improves the status of Venus in a birth chart, Janam Kundli. It mitigates laziness, lack of energy in body and mind. It expedites profession related to the native. It is worn a lot by professionals in the entertainment, music, media industry etc. The stone improves reproductive system, intestinal ailment, fertility, beauty etc. Astrology consultation is important before wearing the stone. Each person has his-her unique birth chart, planets'positioning and placement.

  • People who are in the business of cosmetics should wear an zircon ring.
  • This gem is worn for fame and recognition in the segment of art and silver screen industry.
  • It is beneficial to wear this gem in order to get rid of eye related problems and diseases like diabetes.
  • It is helpful in bringing attractiveness and ignition in relationships.
  • By wearing this gem, the love between the couple's increases and their consent counterpart.
  • Wearing an zircon Gemstone is highly beneficial to the problem of Kidney Stone.
  • This gemstone brings prosperity in life.


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