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GOMED (Hessonite Garnet)
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GOMED (Hessonite Garnet)

  • A person is advised to wear Hessonite Garnet or Gomed stone when s/he has the bad effect of Rahu or if Rahu is not giving benefit.
  • It balances the weak thought process, lessens chances of accident, losses, harm etc. It restores self-confidence. It kills inferiority, negative notions etc.
  • It improves focus and concentration; encourages financial and social status. It evades diseases like allergies, eye related, epilepsy, cancer etc.
  • It brings happiness especially in married life. Natives in certain professions leverage the stone and reach great heights.
  • Astrology consultation is important before wearing the stone. Each person has his/her unique birth chart, planets' positioning-placement.


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