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Budh graha remedies
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Budh graha remedies

Description :-
Mercury/Budh is the life changer planets in Indian Astrology. Budh is associated with various things in the life of an individual. If your Sister, Daughter or paternal aunt is facing continuous problems in their life it indicates Unfavorable Mercury in your birth chart. These people don't get work even after knowledge. Budh symptoms are health related problems such as Paralysis, Acidity, Skin problems, Teeth related problems are common with these people. These people also have issues with their nervous system.  These people don't even have happy married life in terms of sex and mental stability. Most importantly people failing in business again and again and facing problems in existing business are effects of mercury mahadasha which can be solved by budh graha ke upay Budh Mantra upchar provides remedies for weak budh/ budha mahadasha remedies.

Problems Caused by Unfavourable Mercury/Budh :

  • Bad Mercury may cause suffering from fever your whole life.
  • Your colleagues will not favour you.
  • Skin problems and throat will always be problematic.
  • Kids may be short in height or may not get kids.
  • May get a bad life partner, who'll always fight with you.
  • Business will never be able to flourish.


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