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Lal Kitab Amrit Vashist Jyotish 7 Years
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Lal Kitab Amrit Vashist Jyotish 7 Years

  • Description :-
  • Lal Kitab Amrit Vashist Jyotish is a path breaking latest new Astrology enrichment that is the outcome of the essence of the three leading astrologies, namely,KP,Parashar and the Lal Kitab (Red Book). The outcomes, results are even more accurate. The life aspects covered by Lal Kitab Amrit Vashist Jyotish include Marriage,Love,Occupation-Profession,Health,Wealth,Parents,Children,Mental Peace etc. Lal Kitab Amrit Vashist Jyotish tells about your problems, planets’ placement-positioning in your Janam Kundali, and the respective Upays, remedies, solutions.

      • Some of the features covered specific to you are—
        • Your accurate Janam Kundali
        • Your stage-status of life journey
        • Explanation of planets, the moon, the Sun etc, their placement-positioning in your Kundali
        • Life prediction
        • Current Mahadasha
        • Upays (remedies) over time
        • Shubh/ Ashubh planets (favorable-auspicious and unfavorable-inauspicious planets)
        • Mukhadasha and Varshafal
        • Probe, study of your problems and their solutions (all your information is kept highly confidential)
        • Sankadi Ka Phal
        • Yog and YOTIYON Ka Phal with Upay, remedy
        • 7-Year comprehensive, in detail analysis, predictions + in specific, different categories

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Gurudev GD Vashist


Gurudev GD Vashist is also the author of Lal Kitab Amrit Vashist Jyotish. He is prominent in the India electronic media, like, leading TV channels like India News, Divya TV, Sadhna TV, Disha TV.
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