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Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is also sometimes called as the Golden Sapphire. It strengthens the significance and qualities of the planet Jupiter, such as, wealth, education, profession etc. It cures certain diseases like jaundice, kidney problems etc. It enhances longevity, guidance, academic life etc. Astrology consultation is important before wearing the stone. Each person has his-her unique birth chart, planets' positioning and placement.

  • The girls who have marriage impediment are benefited by wearing Yellow Sapphire and they have a blissful marital life.
  • Wearing this gem increases interest in spiritual and religious work. It also helps in increasing honor and respect in society.
  • This ring helps in improving decision making.
  • Wearing Yellow Sapphire ring is beneficial to eradicate stomach disorders.
  • Yellow Sapphire ring is worn to enhance intellectual capability.
  • People who work on law-related matters get immense advantage from it.
  • It is the birthstone of Sagittarians and is said to bestow tremendous benefits.
  • To fulfill son's wishes this ring can be worn by parents.
  • Yellow Sapphire ring is helpful in removing monetary problems and brings wealth.


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