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Blue Sapphire or Neelam is recommended for natives with weak or unfavorable Saturn aka Shani. It is worn to enhance overall well-being in life. It livens aspects like justice, Karma. It stops struggle, makes luck-fate favorable especially at work, in business etc. It helps cure in certain diseases related to cancer, liver, nervous system etc. It enables happiness, well being of children and so forth. Astrology consultation is important before wearing the stone. Each person has his-her unique birth chart, planets' positioning and placement.


  • • In the office, if other people are trying to dominate you and your brain is paused due to this then Blue Sapphire is for you.
  • • Your hard work will pay off if you wear this ring.
  • • If your work becomes torpid, road accidents are likely to happen and enemy wins every time then you should wear this ring.
  • • This ring provides mental peace and is beneficial for the people involved in politics.
  • • Wearing this ring helps in the increase of revenue and reputation.
  • • Fearful thoughts can be eliminated by wearing this gemstone.
  • • This gemstone ring improves digestion and develops immunity.
  • • This gemstone ring acts as an evil eye protector. Wearing this gem brings positivity and energy.
  • • This gemstone ring will help you make the right decisions for the betterment of your life.


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