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Chaitra Navratri Day 8 - Devi Mahagauri - The Tapa Of Devi Parvati


Devi Mahagauri is the ninth form of Devi Durga. Mahagauri is a Kanya, an unmarried girl. She is extremely fair and as luminous as a conch shell. She is adorned with white silk and came to know as Shwetambhara. She is holding a Damru and a trident in her hands and ornamented with beautiful Himalayan flowers. She is sitting on a white bull, Nandi.

By the instruction of sage Narada, Devi Parvati started her austerities to attain lord shiva as her husband. Princess Shailputri surrendered her royal extravagances and left for the forest. Thousands of years passed but the results were nowhere to be seen. One day she decided to upgrade her tapa to the greatest degree due to which her skin became pale. Her body became skinny and fully covered with dust and leaves.

Her tough tapa pacified lord shiva and finally, he appeared in front of her. Parvati was delighted but shiva was thinking otherwise. His love was suffering the hardships of tapa, her delicate body was now weak and covered with dust. His heart ached in agony. He commanded Devi Ganga to come forward and bathe Devi Parvati and with that, Devi Parvati attained eternal youth and radiant white skin. She became Shiva's Gauri. To the world, she came to be known as Mahagauri.

Published on: 08-04-2022

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