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Chaitra Navratri Day 6 - Story of Goddess Katyayani


Among the nine divine forms of Devi, Katyayini is the sixth. She is the daughter of Rishi Katyayan, the incarnation of the mother goddess herself! She is the ultimate shakti of the universes, Durga herself. 

She is the potent incarnation of the Adi Shakti in her bodily form. 

Devi Katyayini has eight arms fully equipped with deadly weaponry. Her weapons include the Sudarshan of Bhagwan Vishnu, the trident of Shiva, the conch shell of Varuna, the rosary, and kamandalu of Bramha, Indra's Vajra, Kubera's mase, Kala's shield and sword, and so on. She was manifested with the incorporated power of all the Devtas, with the help of Rishi Katyayan.

Birth of Devi Katyayini

After being in exile for more than three million years, all the gods decided to crack the boon of mahishasura with the help of Rishi Katyayan. Rishi Katyayan was an ascetic rishi who was meditation upon Devi Adi Shakti. He wanted her to be born as his daughter. Being delighted with his devotion, Devi promised to fulfill his wish. Later, with the combined shakti's of all the gods, a daughter was born to Rishi Katyayan and that girl came to be known as Katyayani.

She was born with the combined force of all the gods, each body part of her was divine. Her face of Shiva's shakti is as white and as beautiful as a white lotus. Her hair was made with the power of Yamraj, as black as the universe without the sun. Her eyes were ferocious as Agni himself. Her eyebrows were as calm as made with the powers of Kamadeva. she wore a never-fading red silk saree and a crown with the radiance of thousands of suns. Himavan, the lord of the Himalayas gifted her with a mountain lion, and with this, Devi Katyaynini was ready to pore life out of Mahishasura's army.

Mahishasur v/s Katyayini

Mahishasur was the king of asuras and was born with super strength. He was half-bull half-man and was an expert at shapeshifting. 

He defeated all the gods and ruled the heavens for millions of years. The asura had a boon that he can only die at the hands of a woman. Now her death was born.

Mahisasura came to know about Devi Katyayani and his council of war decided to take this threat quite seriously. He gathered the army and waged war against her. The moment he saw her on the battlefield, He was mesmerized by her beauty and asked her to marry him instead.

She challenged Mahisasur with a life-threatening challenge. To marry her, Mahishasura had to defeat her in battle. With this proclamation, the war started. Devi defeated Mahisasura singlehandedly and poured life out of his body. Devi finally ended the terrene of misery and restored gods to the heavens. 

Published on: 06-04-2022

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