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Devi Skandamata - The Saga of Lord Kartikeya’s Birth


The fifth day of Navratri is dedicated to the worship of Devi Skanda Mata, the mother of war god Kartikeya swami. In this form, Devi Parvati gave birth to his son, Lord Kartikeya. she has four arms, and with one hand she is holding bal swaroopa Kartikeya swami and Abhaya mudra on the other. She is holding two lotuses in the other two arms. The flowers in her hands symbolize fertility and motherhood.

Birth of Kartikeya (skanda)

Tarakasur was a demon lord who overtook the throne of swarga Loka. Because of his tyranny, heaven was on the verge of collapse. Tarka remained defeated by the thousand-eyed Shakra (Indra) due to a boon that made him invisible. Bramha Dev granted him the boon that made him almost immortal. And the boon was that he could only be killed at the hands of Shiva's son.

Tarka felt threatened due to the reincarnation of Devi Sati as Parvati. In the fear of Shiva shakti's reunion, he tried to attack Devi Parvati many times but failed.

After the union of Shiva and Shakti, lord Skanda was born and he singlehandedly defeated the entire army of Tarka and ended his rule of tyranny.

This form of Devi Parvati is worshiped as SkandaMata, mother of the extremely gifted child and the devsenapati kumar Skanda. She is very calm in nature and blesses her devotees with great offspring. She also gives prosperity, wealth, health and moksha to the devotees and protects their offspring from bad health and miseries of life.

Published on: 05-04-2022

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