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Chaiti Chhath Pooja 2022 - Day Wise Muhurat and Pooja Vidhi


Chatt pooja is one of the most prominent festivals of Bharat which is celebrated all across the globe. It is the festival dedicated to the worship of Chatti Maiya, the beloved sister of Surya Narayan. This festival is celebrated twice a year, once in Chaitra (The beginning of the Hindu calendar) and in the holy month of Kartik. This year, the celebration of Chaiti Chatt will start from the fifth to the eighth of April. This four-day festivity will begin from the Sasthi tithi of Chaitra Shukla paksha.

The History of the Mahaparva dates back to the ancient Vedic period. In the early Vedic time, sages and the ascetics used to perform fasts along with the recitation of the Rigveda. We also see the reference from the Mahabharata where Karna used to perform Chatt pooja to honor his godfather Surya Narayan.

Day 1 - Nahaya khaya

The celebration of the four-day festival starts with the event called Nahaya khaya. The celebration of Nahaya khaya will be on the 5th of April (Chaturthi tithi). On this day, the devotees clean their houses and prepare Satvik food for the day. Devotees start their day with a dip in the holy waters and have Satvik delicacy. The main delicacy for Nahaya khaya is the Kaduaa Bhaat (Bottle Gourd and Bengal Gram Lentil preparation with Arva Rice Bhaat) This preparation is served to the god in the afternoon as Bhoga.

Day 2 - Kharna

Kharna is the day dedicated to prasad preparations. Day two of the festival will be celebrated on Panchami Tithi of Chaitra Sukla paksha. From this day, the devotees observe Nirjala fast. Devotees do fasting and are restrained from drinking even a single drop of water until day 4 of the festival. Thekua is one of the prominent sweets that are prepared for the festival.

Day 3 - Sanjhki Aragh

This day is spent decorating the bamboo basket with fruits, Thekua along with the rice laddus. On the eve of this day, the entire family accompanies the devotee to a riverbank, pond, or other large body of water to make the Arghya offerings to the setting sun. The devotees and their friends and family, other numerous participants, and onlookers try to receive the blessings of the worshipper by touching their feet. At the time of arghya, water is offered to Sun God and the Chhathi Maiya is worshipped with the prasad. After the worship of Sun God, Chhaith songs are sung in the night and the vrat Katha is read. The devotees also perform the ritual of Kosi Bharai where the family members take 5 to 7 sugarcanes, tie them together to form a mandap, and beneath the mandap, 12 to 24 Diya are offered and thekua and other seasonal fruits are presented as bhoga.

Day - 4 Bhorka Aragh

The same Kosi Bharai ritual is repeated the next morning between 3, and 4 am, and afterward, the devotees offer arghya and other offerings to the rising sun. After completing all the rituals, devotees drink water and eat a little prasad to break one's fast that is called Paran which concludes the Maha Parva of Chatth.

Published on: 05-04-2022

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