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Chaitra Navratri Day 4: Devi Kushmanda - know how the universe came into existence


Day four of the navratri is dedicated to the worship of devi kushmanda, the aadishakti who created the entire universe with her beautiful gentle smile. As per varahpuran, devi kushmanda is fourth among the navdurgas. In her name, "Ku" stands for little, "ushma" stands for energy and "Aand" stands for the cosmic egg.

She is adorned with heavenly jewels and has 8 arms. She holds a sudha (amrit) kalash in one of her hands and has a gentle smile on her lips. She is the ultimate energy from which the whole universe came in existence. After mahapralaya, Devi Kushmanda innitiates the process of creation of the universe again.


 According to the shakta text, Devi kushmanda is the aadi shakti who appears after the mahapralaya to initiate the process of creation. With her gentle smile she created the whole universe. She is the ultimate power source of the universe.

When the creation started, Devi kushmanda gave birth to three suprene goddesses. Maha Kali from the middle of her eyebrows, Mahalakshmi from her left eye, and Maha saraswati from her right eye. These three further three further manifested the trideva (bramha vishnu mahesh) and tridevi and then all three of devi got merged into devi kushmanda after that.

Devi Kushmanda is also known as Suryamandal Antarvardhini Devi as the solar system get all its energy from her. She resides in the middle of the sun and is the source of its energy. She blesses her devotees with health, prosperity, strength and wisdom. She also provides astashidhis and nava nidhis to her devotees and protests them from all the misreys that comes in their ways.

Published on: 04-04-2022

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